Tributes to the Late Dochtúir Dómhnall Ó Loingsigh

Almost immediately following the death of an Dochtúir Dómhnall Ó Loingsigh, there was both an outpouring of sympathy for his demise, and equally of concern surrounding his replacement as Medical Officer in the Slievereagh Dispensary District.

It could be said that the people of Ballyvourney and the surrounding area had lost a truly heroic figure, someone who had spent over 30 years of his life both tending to their ailments, and nurturing and enhancing their lives from a cultural and an economic perspective.

This divide in sentiment may be clearly seen in the following links to articles which progress from the reporting of his death and funeral, to the important matter of the level of spoken Irish his Medical Officer replacement would have.

Southern Star 06 Dec 1913 Late Dr Lynch

Southern Star 6 December 1913 Death of Dr Lynch JP Ballyvourney

Cork County Eagle Skibbereen Jan 3 1914 Replacement of Dr Lynch

Freemans Journal 9 Jan 1914 Gaelic League letter about replacing Dr Lynch

Irish Independent 10 Jan 1914 An Irish Speaking Doctor

Irish Independent 12 Jan 1914 A successor to Late Dr Lynch

Irish Independent 16 Jan 1914 Late Dr Lynch Ballyvourney

Irish Independent 16 Feb 1914 Replacement of Dr Lynch successor

If proof of his benevolence to his local people and community was required following his death, one should simply read the following articles which, more than a decade after his death, outline the legacy he left to his beloved friends and neighbours –

Southern Star 02 April 1927 Macroom and capital Ballyvourney

Southern Star 1 Sept 1928 Macroom Notes and Ballyvourney Feis

Southern Star 25 October 1930 Ballyvourney Notes mentioned Dr Lynch


Above information sourced and compiled by Réidín Lynch (great great grandniece & Website Creator).