Ballyvourney Near The Town Of Sweet Macroom

The following is a song which was adapted to honour an Dochtúir Dómhnall Ó Loingsigh –


I have travelled wide across the tide

And many the place I’ve seen

Switzerland, America and Africa I’ve been

But the sweetest spot in all the world

When covered in summer’s bloom

Is dear old Ballyvourney near the town of sweet Macroom


I have been to Gougane Barra

And the pass of Céim an Fhia

I’ve been down by Queenstown

And around by Bantry Bay

The hills of Connemara

Galtee Mountains and Slíabh Bloom

Ach is fearr liom Ballyvourney

Near the town of sweet Macroom


It was there some Irish scholars

First saw the light of day

The Sheehans and the Scannells

And the Learys from Coolea

The Murphys and the Lynchs

And other scholars too

Should be proud of Ballyvourney

Near the town of sweet Macroom


Dr Lynch whose name is loved by every Ballyvourneyite

He worked for the Gaelic cause

From morning until night

His heart was as big as the highest hill in Coom

He was king of Ballyvourney

Near the town of sweet Macroom


The words of this song were kindly provided by Joan Cronin, Macroom (nee O’Leary – a granddaughter of an Dochtúir Dómhnall Ó Loingsigh).